The organised chaos

En route to Domestic Goddesshood

!(imgcenter) wish this was my loo)!:

So the Mum and the Sista are off to Hong Kong for a holiday. I’m not part of the tour group because a) I initially thought I would be off to Hongkers for business in early December (that didn’t materialise after I resigned) and b) the Sista didn’t ask me (biatch).

Anyhow, the house is really big and empty for just one person to stay in, especially since I would only venture between my room and the kitchen. But strangely enough, this sense of independence has brought on the inspired domestic goddess in me.

I cleaned my toilet.

Granted, I did it after my shower (which I was told is the wrong way round) but still, it’s nice and sparkling clean now. I Jif-fed the sink and the glass ledge holding my toiletries, flushed the toilet bowl with some potent chemicals, cleaned the toilet seat with antiseptic wipes and “mopped” the bathroom floor.

I also microwaved the sponge that I used to clean the sink, soaked the toothbrush/toothpaste holder in hot water, cooked lunch and watered the Mum’s plants!

All in a day’s work, aye.

Now excuse me while I go prep myself for yummy martinis at Morton’s Bar with the boyfriend (my hands are fried by the detergents). It’s such a hard life being a domestic goddess, sigh.

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