Wedding March

In love with tulle

!(imgcenter) and layers of tulle)!:

Wedding dress: checked.

I know, it’s another eight months before the wedding, there’s plenty of time. But this is just like when we bought the house – when you see the one, you know it’s the one.

It’s now hanging in my wardrobe and I’m really, really thrilled. But no, you won’t be seeing pictures of me in it anytime soon. The day anyone else sees it is either during the wedding or in the pictures after. 🙂

Did I mention how happy I am with the purchase?

3 thoughts on “In love with tulle”

  1. ooh congrats, now you can look for other stuff for the wedding! i love tulle too, u want a VS santa baby pink sparkle skirt with tulle? looks honestly lolita-ish slutty but fun, lol…


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