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One of the best things I have received this year is a surprise. Originally, I didn’t think Jimmy and I would be exchanging Christmas gifts at all because a) we had been hanging out a lot as both of us took a nice long break from work and b) he’s not a surprise guy. So to my amusement and great curiosity, he said that he had gotten a gift for me and it wasn’t a super fantastic hairdryer (which I have been dying to get).

Out of the pretty package came a gorgeous necklace handmade by his colleague (check out her site for some jewellery lusting) and….a Canon 50mm f/1.8 MK-II prime lens!

It’s an amazing piece of baby and I have been trying it out whenever I can. The picture of my dress in the previous post was taken with the lens (a neat piece of work, I might add). I’m still a noob but thank heavens for the great wide world of Internet. The flickr groups for the lens (here and here) have been great sources of information, as is this write-up and this introduction to Canon EOS lens.

For someone who has been working with the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, the sharpness and the DOF that comes with the prime lens is just heavenly. I still love my basic kit lens – it honestly works great for me although many diss it – but the 50mm really adds another dimension to my pictures.

Plus, now I can go play with Bokeh!

Here’s a picture taken with my hardworking new lens (and in low, awful light setting) before I go:
!(imgcenter) Hsu Ching and Dylan)!:

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