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A fresh start


If birthdays are to celebrate one’s increasing wisdom and Christmases are great excuses for hanging out, then what are the New Years for?

To wipe the slate clean.

This time, the stakes are a higher. I resigned the job that I had thought I would be sticking with for a while to jump onto an opportunity that I have been waiting for practically all my working life. This is going to lead to a decrease in my monthly income, personal time and a rise in working and travelling hours but the opportunity is there for the taking. I could not resist.

With the wedding and the house being paid for out of our own pockets, this means that my finances would be tight for a long time to come. Seeing my bank account shrink drastically in size as I pay for various items depresses me but hey, money can be earned back. Sometimes, I do wish that we could have some financial help but being independent is a trait that I value more.

I’m getting that new job jitters – as I always do – but Jimmy tells me that I will do just fine. I’m just glad he is here with me for he’s my rock, my reassurance. The sweetest thing he said to me last night, as we celebrated our eighth year together, was not some endearment. It was about fatherhood and I was just astonished because I never expected him to say that.

We had a wonderful time catching the fireworks, even if I was half-frozen from the wind. But I did catch some great moments and my photography has improved, if I might say so myself. Splurging on the Canon 400D is one of the best investments of my life.

If that is representative of how my year would be like, bring it on, I say.

(PS Sorry if I sound disjointed. This is what a lack of sleep would do to me.)

3 thoughts on “A fresh start”

  1. Nvm abt the pay cheque if you have been waiting for this job opportunity, seeing that that alone gives you enough satisfaction.
    There are people (ie. me) who slog admist chips and crunch numbers for that similarly miserable pay cheque.

    May 2008 be a good year, or a pretty good year.


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