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Muscled bird brain

I’m such a cuckoo sometimes.

Last Friday, I aimed to dash down to my sister’s 6.40pm BodyCombat class after work. I was all prepared for it: at 4.30pm, I started eating my banana for fuel. At 5pm, I decided to stuff my face with a packet of Meiji crackers because I didn’t think the banana was enough. At 5.30pm, the Sista started to countdown. At 6.05pm, I turned off my computer and stealthily left the office. When I got to the first floor, I saw a parked bus and immediately jumped into it, settling down comfortably in my seat. And then I looked out of the window and saw another bus: it hit me then that my company offers two shuttle buses – one to Ajunied and one to Toa Payoh. Before I could decide if I should get off the bus to check on its destination, the bus trundled off and the next thing I knew, I was on the expressway headed for Toa Payoh (ie. the wrong bus).

Needless to say, I didn’t make it to class.

I did, however, pull myself out of bed on a Saturday morning to head down for a double dose of BodyPump and Agni Yoga. This would explain why my inner thighs hurt like crazy and my puny triceps scream everytime I lift my arms. But I thought my weights were pretty decent despite a two-week hiatus:

Squats – 7kg
Chest – 5kg
Back – 7kg
Triceps – 5kg
Shoulders – 4.55kg
Biceps – 4kg

That’s not my regular weights and I think I should be able to increase the load in another one or two sessions.

It sounds obsessive but I really hate it when my fitness dips after a break. Everything feels so much more difficult than before and it becomes a step backwards. I shall aim to increase my load this year, aching limbs and all. Rarrr!

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