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Just a little older

I found out I am getting old in two ways.

The first was a MSN conversation with Pinkbee.
Pinkbee: When is your birthday?
Me: I don’t know. Let me check the calendar. (checks) OMG it’s next Saturday.

The second was a phone conversation with the boyfriend.
Him: So we have an appointment with Wan Sheng this Saturday.
Me: Okay.
Him: We’ll meet him in the afternoon and then go out and celebrate your birthday, okay?
Me: You mean it’s my birthday this Saturday?!

See, my excuse is that the new job has completely taken over all my functional capacity. And because of it, I am not really in a festive mood. Which is a shame because who says that birthdays should be celebrated on just one day? Heck, we should make it a week-long event! A birthweek! Anybody wants to date me?

Hence, my birthday wishes for this year (my last year of singlehood, according to Trev):
1) To blow out 27 candles on my birthday cake
2) Lots of lurrrvin’ from my friends and family
3) A gorgeous dress watch
4) Vouchers never hurt
5) A modified Wii (fun fun fun fun!)


In other news, I suspect my limbs are going to malfunction tomorrow. Just came home from the Sista’s killer BodyPump class and I swear that woman is a little cuckoo (like me, but in a different way). Upped my weights today and felt exuberant about it, until the boyfriend had to carry my gym gear for me (I love that man!) because I had lost all feeling in my arms.

Squats – 10kg
Chest – 5kg
Back – 9kg
Triceps – 5kg
Shoulders – 4.55kg
Biceps – 4kg

I shall not be wussy and load up for the chest and biceps next week.


I’m 27 and life’s good. Oh, a big shoutout to Perfy: “Hello and happy birthday!”

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