Friends, The organised chaos


The signs were all pointing to an elaborately thought-up conspiracy but somehow, I managed to brush aside all of them away for one of the most amazing birthdays ever.

Surprise #1: When we hit the road, I had no clue where we were heading to (always a good thing when the driver is the engineer of the supplise). The fiance got mildly annoyed when the ever-inquisitive me badgered him for our destination. “Stop guessing and irritating me,” he growled.

Surprise #2: We turned into Vivocity and I thought, ah hah! I started listing the restaurants in the megamall mentally but was taken aback when he looked at his watch and muttered, “We need to get to our dinner venue.” Huh? Turning away from the cluster of restaurants, we instead walked towards HarbourFront. Cable car time (for the uninitiated, I love cable car rides)!

Surprise #3: Given that Sentosa is the venue of our nuptials, my guess initially swung that way. But we didn’t alight at Sentosa. “Mount Faber?” I ventured. “Sort of,” he said. Everything was made clear when we stepped out of the cable car and went to Altivo.

Surprise #4: The dinner raised some of my suspicions. When we were ushered into the restaurant, we walked towards a long table with a “reserved” sign on it. I had a hunch that he was planning something since the night before, when he was perpetually on his mobile phone, texting away. But we ended up at a table for two so I pooh-poohed my guesses away. When he directed me to the seat that faced the scenery, I thought he was being sweet and wanted me to have the glorious, expansive view. And when we started chatting long after the dishes had been clear, I was slightly puzzled, wondering why he hadn’t called for the bill as he usually would. As we talked, he dipped his hand into his camera bag innocuously and I remembered thinking, hey, why is he getting his camera…

Suddenly, there were people singing the birthday song behind me. I whipped around to see Graec, Dopey, Sandy, Bralala, Skunk, Bernie, Nyrtap and Popartgirl gathered around me with a cake and singing with huge wide grins on their faces.

I was speechless.

I usually have words for every occasion but this time, I was struck wordless. My eye welled up with tears and I could only open my mouth wide, dumbfounded. And then they finished singing and plonked the cake in front of me while words still eluded me.

Finally, all I could manage was, “What are you all doing here?!”

So, the fiance has pulled off a brilliant plan right under my nose while in cahoots with our friends. No wonder he was busy texting the whole of Friday and Saturday. No wonder I had everyone asking me what plans we had for my birthday – Nyrtap even cooked up a story about his friend JB visiting from Perth. Thinking back, my reply to him (“Oh yeah, JB. He must love Singapore so much, he comes here every year”) must have sent him into fits of mirth. No wonder the fiance was happily discussing the wedding guest list after dinner.

I’ve never been so touched in my life – that the boyf had put in so much planning to make me happy on my birthday, that our friends had generously travelled up to Mount Faber to be with me.

So thank you all for making this birthday so memorable. It was truly super fantastic!!

!(imgcenter) for larger view)!:

Looks like Zoe has the same idea as I did!

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