Singapore Airshow 2008

I undid all the good job of keeping out of the sun for the past year in just one morning – at the Singapore Airshow.

It was great fun, the highlight being the stunts performed by the RSAF Black Knights and the Roulettes from Australia. Other than that, the rest of the exhibition was quite a bore. Helicopters, ships, jeeps, yawn. Adding to my misery was the scorching sun – despite judiciously applying sunblock, I am still 200x darker than before, which makes me a tad cross.

But the best part about the show was really the company – we created our own fun and proceeded to stuff our faces after standing in line for the shuttle bus for almost an hour.

Unfortunately, the sky was all grey and yellow (I don’t have the words to describe it) due to the haze, thanks to our neighbouring country. It was almost as if the sun was shining through a tint of grey and all the colours were subdued, dulled by at least five shades. It didn’t make for good pictures but well, here are some of my faves:


!(imgcenter) helicopter)!:


More pictures here.

Little Miss Shopaholic

The new Female

!(imgcenter) Female magazine)!:

Local fashion rags generally don’t appeal to me because I find them dull, uninspiring and always repeating the same things ad nauseum. To me, magazines have their own personalities: Her World is faux sophistication wrapped in scandalous, sensational headlines that don’t appeal to me. On the other hand, Female has always seemed more avant garde, creativity-driven and daring to push the envelop. Needless to say, Female is the one that I pick up whenever the urge to flip through glossy pages of ads and colourful pictures strike.

!(imgleft) spread)!: So now that Female has undergone a drastic makeover (to ensure it does not compete directly with Her World, I reckon), how does it fare?

Unsurprisingly, I love it! The masthead has a 1940s feel to it and the fashion spreads are innovative, colourful and very attention-seeking. I like how they play with the colours and employ the use of interesting locations (Books Actually being one of them). Plus, it no longer has those silly feature stories that I flip right through, which means more indulgent fashion spreads for me to devour.

Yums. Go check it out!

Little Miss Shopaholic

LFW: Luella

!(imgcenter) for bigger image)!:

The first time I got to know of Luella Bartley was when her partnership with Target (under its GO International capsule) was announced back in 2006. I fell in love with her designs then: the cute cherry iPod case that I almost purchased for my beloved fruity gadget, the puffy, tulip-hemmed dresses and feminine blouses with ruffles.

This time, for London Fashion Week, she sent models down the runway in witchery-inspired outfits. Ignore the scary goth makeup and big hair (if you can) and look at the collection with an admiring eye. Somehow, she has managed to come up with pieces that are funky, nonchalant, girly, punk and outrageous all at the same time. Overall, the clothes look well-tailored, have clean lines and are worn with quirky accessories.

I especially love the cute little prom frock with a frou frou (for lack of a better word; I love frou frou!) skirt paired with coloured, opaque tights or worn over a striped tee-shirt, and the gingham print dresses. I’m currently mad about gingham but am resisting because I would probably end up looking like an outdated cowgirl (yee har!).

And to that Straights Thames fashion reporter who said that coloured tights are out, yawn to you. I trust Luella’s taste (orange tights!) more than yours, so there.

(PS: Milan is just over but I think I am going to skip it for Paris!)


Muchas gracias

Just wanted to drop a line to thank those who had bought the March issue of the magazine to support me. 🙂 I’m very touched, especially when Dotz said that Mel’s army friends and him were devouring the magazine during their reservist stint last week. The idea of a few men in army fatigues reading a female magazine is quite hilarious!

The past week has been a crazy week of deadlines and stress – it was really quite scary walking from the office to Potong Pasir MRT station at 8pm. Two things have been helping me through the stress: Jay Chou and The Postal Service (awesome stuff!).

Here’s a fan-made video of the song that has been on repeat mode on my iPod for this blue, PMS-y Monday morning:

Little Miss Shopaholic

LFW: Eley Kishimoto

!(imgcenter) for bigger image)!:

The perks of having a cousin who owns a boutique is that I’m frequently exposed to fashion brands previously unheard of. That, and the low prices I pay when I take a fancy to something (that’s another story for another day).

Anyway, my fingers had been running through some of her new items involuntarily when suddenly, they stopped at a black satin dress. It was an Eley Kishimoto piece. She punched out the cost of the dress on a calculator for me and upon seeing the figure, I fell into a swoon. Needless to say, the dress didn’t go home with me that night.

But hey, just because I can’t bear to splurge on an Eley K dress doesn’t mean I can’t admire it from afar (a 14-hour plane ride away, to be exact). This season, the husband-and-wife team had put out a whimsical, perky collection named, aptly enough, “Bounce Bonnie Bunny Bounce”.

It had everything to make me jump about in jubilation: splashy, punchy colours! girly prints! retro-esque mini and trapeze dresses! harlequin tights and dresses! colour blocks! mary janes! weird shoes!

Frankly, I’m now on the verge of clicking the “buy” button for an order of colourful harlequin tights since I’ve been eyeing them for a long time now. Given how my bright blue tights always gets the eye from passers-by, I think these would probably send them into cardiac arrest.

But oh, they look so good paired with the mini dresses! I’ve been steadily building up a collection of black dresses (don’t ask me why – I think I am in a black phase) and they would look perfect with my collection.

My worship for Eley K has reached unhealthy heights. Excuse me while I go ponder over my need for harlequin tights. Blue or pink?


Hello, byline

My very first byline for the magazine has finally appeared in the March issue! I’m quite pleased because I have had two compliments about my stories – one from a fellow co-worker and the other from a sports doctor whom I had badgered incessantly for information and clarification.

The doc’s exact words were: “Just saw your article on VO2 testing. It’s beautifully written, amazing how you simplified it.”

Awww, so sweet of him. It made my day. 🙂

Little Miss Shopaholic

LFW: Christopher Kane

In some ways, I enjoy the pieces shown at London Fashion Week far more than those at its New York counterpart. Yes, New York may have more glamorous names but LFW seems more edgy and experimental. In fact, with strange outfits from Gareth Pugh (whom I honestly don’t care much for) and Giles Deacon, it seems as if the weird and the wonderful were out in full force.

!(imgcenter) for larger size)!:

Enter Christopher Kane. More wonderful than weird, his current collection is a brilliant mix of paillettes (huge sequins, basically), soft fabrics and loose, gentle silhouette. The details are amazing: the silky architecture, the elaborate patterns. There are no striking palettes here but loads of pretty neutrals. I have never been a fan of neutrals, preferring bold hues but hey, I really like Kane’s pieces. I’ve always lusted after paillettes but never bought any for fear of being mistaken for a getai singer. Having seen this collection, I am all in favour of getting a sequin-y dress (in particular, this dress).

The most amazing thing about Christopher Kane is that he is merely 25 years old. Heck, when I was 25, I was struggling to decide what I wanted to do for a living and this man is designing a collection that is oh-so-beautiful.

Now, if only I could find the dough to splash out on his collection for Topshop.