The organised chaos

Random notes

* My new Mary Jane flats from Everlast tore my feet to pieces yesterday. The straps were digging into my skin while the heels cut into my flesh. It hurt so bad that my feet had no choice but to get real used to it. Very annoyed.

* I’m currently wearing a corset top over a teeshirt and bundled up in a comfy jacket. And I’m still freezing. Is this how Siberia feels like?

* The grass is greener on the other side. Would I have cut it as a fashion writer instead? But then again, I would have gone against my own ideals of what would make a good fashion writer since I neither have a vast knowledge of fashion history or the ability to articulate what makes a piece of clothing outstanding, other than my own aesthetic preferences.

* I love how nonchalant my colleague is about beauty products. This means I get to shamelessly pilfer from her mountain of goodies. Kenzo perfume, anyone?

* Exhaustion is the word of the week. The ambitious plan of getting into work at 8am this week has been shifted to 8.30am and then, 8.45am. The head is pounding but I. Need. To. Get. Work. Done.

* I was out doing research for a story last evening at 5pm. Received a call at 5.45pm from my editor, asking me to go back to the office to re-write a paragraph because they are closing the issue and they have decided to change the photo used (which would affect the story). I was initially pissed off. And then I cooled down and was thankful that at least I could leave after churning out that paragraph while the rest had to stay and finish the layout and proofs. The power of putting things into context.

3 thoughts on “Random notes”

  1. Hey, bear with those Everlast maryjanes. I bought a Kappa one cuz they didnt have my size in Everlast. It took me longer then usual to get it to fit me comfortably. So yeah. For the sake of beauty. =)


  2. oooh, can always learn on the job! or take a course in fashion history or design at the design schools? i think of doing that on and off….just for fun.


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