Little Miss Shopaholic

I love Marc Jacobs


Of all the designers out there in the world, one of my ultimate favourites has to be Marc Jacobs. Not quite the enfant terrible like John Galliano or Alexander McQueen, he’s singlehandedly revived the ageing house of Louis Vuitton since taking control of the design reins more than 10 years ago. In addition, his own Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs labels are both lauded and applauded everywhere. His designs are quirky (I heart his Little Miss Marc totes), kitschy (the cherry charm watch/necklace), flow beautifully and have a clever mix of prints and fabric.

Well, since I can’t own a piece of his creative genius, the closest I can get is to have a bottle of his perfume, Ivy. It’s part of a trio of scents that MJ markets as the second “Splash” collection, the others being Violet and Amber. The muskiness put me off initially, despite me being a huge fan of the darkly sensuous CK Euphoria. But I dabbed it onto my wrist and, five minutes later, was won over by the aromatic mysteriousness.

So there you have it. I am now the proud owner of the whopping 300ml bottle of Ivy, without forking a single (s)cent. I love the vintage-looking bottle, the minimalist feel, the simple Marc Jacobs font. Yippee!