Two of Us, Wedding March

Love actually is everywhere

And in a blink, Chinese New Year is over and tomorrow is another Valentine’s Day.

This year’s CNY was fleeting, hectic and really very lovely. I spent loads of time just hanging out with the cousins. We watched the beautiful “The Girl Who Leapt through Time“, played with the nephews, sat in the room and chatted about everything and anything. As always, I helped to troubleshoot their iPods and sent some music lurvin’ their way.

I wished we could be like this forever – our parents sitting outside and chattering loudly in Hainanese while we sat in the bedroom and talked. I wished I could snuggle under the quilt and watch a movie in the darkness with them more often.

I don’t know if things will change when I am married but I do know this for sure: I love my family and they will always be an integral part of my life.


And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. There are no fancy dinners planned, no expensive presents, no overpriced bouquets of flowers. But that’s cool because Valentine’s Day really is in our everyday.

I like nestling in the little crook between your shoulders and your neck.
I like snuggling in the warmth of your arms.
I like the feeling of your hand in mine.
I like how we’d always snack on bread in the car while you drive me home after gym.
I like singing in the car with you.
I like it that you can make me laugh out loud unglamorously and you don’t give it damn that I am laughing too loudly.

!(imgcenter) together)!:

There are many more things that I like about you but most importantly, I like that you like me for me.

Here’s counting down the seven months between now and our future together.