Little Miss Shopaholic

LFW: Eley Kishimoto

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The perks of having a cousin who owns a boutique is that I’m frequently exposed to fashion brands previously unheard of. That, and the low prices I pay when I take a fancy to something (that’s another story for another day).

Anyway, my fingers had been running through some of her new items involuntarily when suddenly, they stopped at a black satin dress. It was an Eley Kishimoto piece. She punched out the cost of the dress on a calculator for me and upon seeing the figure, I fell into a swoon. Needless to say, the dress didn’t go home with me that night.

But hey, just because I can’t bear to splurge on an Eley K dress doesn’t mean I can’t admire it from afar (a 14-hour plane ride away, to be exact). This season, the husband-and-wife team had put out a whimsical, perky collection named, aptly enough, “Bounce Bonnie Bunny Bounce”.

It had everything to make me jump about in jubilation: splashy, punchy colours! girly prints! retro-esque mini and trapeze dresses! harlequin tights and dresses! colour blocks! mary janes! weird shoes!

Frankly, I’m now on the verge of clicking the “buy” button for an order of colourful harlequin tights since I’ve been eyeing them for a long time now. Given how my bright blue tights always gets the eye from passers-by, I think these would probably send them into cardiac arrest.

But oh, they look so good paired with the mini dresses! I’ve been steadily building up a collection of black dresses (don’t ask me why – I think I am in a black phase) and they would look perfect with my collection.

My worship for Eley K has reached unhealthy heights. Excuse me while I go ponder over my need for harlequin tights. Blue or pink?