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The new Female

!(imgcenter) Female magazine)!:

Local fashion rags generally don’t appeal to me because I find them dull, uninspiring and always repeating the same things ad nauseum. To me, magazines have their own personalities: Her World is faux sophistication wrapped in scandalous, sensational headlines that don’t appeal to me. On the other hand, Female has always seemed more avant garde, creativity-driven and daring to push the envelop. Needless to say, Female is the one that I pick up whenever the urge to flip through glossy pages of ads and colourful pictures strike.

!(imgleft) spread)!: So now that Female has undergone a drastic makeover (to ensure it does not compete directly with Her World, I reckon), how does it fare?

Unsurprisingly, I love it! The masthead has a 1940s feel to it and the fashion spreads are innovative, colourful and very attention-seeking. I like how they play with the colours and employ the use of interesting locations (Books Actually being one of them). Plus, it no longer has those silly feature stories that I flip right through, which means more indulgent fashion spreads for me to devour.

Yums. Go check it out!

1 thought on “The new Female”

  1. bought it yest to check it out. while i like the refreshed layout, use of colours and spreads (bags in the wild, anybody?), i kinda miss their old reader-centric pieces.

    Like the one where they re-mixed old pieces from a reader’s wardrobe, or took one item and made up three looks. Suspect my malcontent is cos they now feature much less items that are affordable…

    But yeah, hurray to its more distinct identity!


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