Singapore Airshow 2008

I undid all the good job of keeping out of the sun for the past year in just one morning – at the Singapore Airshow.

It was great fun, the highlight being the stunts performed by the RSAF Black Knights and the Roulettes from Australia. Other than that, the rest of the exhibition was quite a bore. Helicopters, ships, jeeps, yawn. Adding to my misery was the scorching sun – despite judiciously applying sunblock, I am still 200x darker than before, which makes me a tad cross.

But the best part about the show was really the company – we created our own fun and proceeded to stuff our faces after standing in line for the shuttle bus for almost an hour.

Unfortunately, the sky was all grey and yellow (I don’t have the words to describe it) due to the haze, thanks to our neighbouring country. It was almost as if the sun was shining through a tint of grey and all the colours were subdued, dulled by at least five shades. It didn’t make for good pictures but well, here are some of my faves:


!(imgcenter) helicopter)!:


More pictures here.

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