Wedding March

Ring bowl, checked

Something came in the mail a few weeks back!

Okay, I have been busy with deadlines and photo shoots so it’s only now that I can write about it….
!(imgcenter)’s in the box)!:

And then….
!(imgcenter)’s a ceramic….)!:

It’s a ceramic ring bowl!
!(imgcenter) ring bowl)!:

I’m planning to use this to hold our wedding rings during the ceremony. Once the wedding is done and dusted, it’s going on my dresser table to hold my rings. I have a really bad habit of taking off my rings and forgetting where I had left them so this would be a perfect hideout for them.

Kudos to Caroline of Paloma’s Nest for crafting such a lovely, lovely piece of ceramic work. She is friendly and great to work with, and her etsy shop is full of awesomeness. She allows custom orders so go check her shop out!

In other news, my nice cousins have loaned me a variety of pearl necklaces to wear with my wedding dress. I can’t decide which combination works best. Can any kind soul please take a look and help me out? Ignore the feathery mask: I was in no state to face the camera today and relied on my whimsical Acessorize purchase to hide my mug.

7 thoughts on “Ring bowl, checked”

  1. the ring bowl is beautiful… very unique indeed to get a bowl which can be re-used for a good purpose after the weddding instead of a ring pillow.. brillant idea i wld say! 🙂


  2. i have to comment here instead – the picture on the right gets my vote too.

    The middle one is very quirky but.. would it be too long and inconvenient (eg. tug too hard, aphyxiate or scatter pearls everywhere.. hehehe)

    love the mask!


  3. my vote goes to the picture on the extreme right…just the right touch of quirkiness from a timeless accessory.

    the middle one looks a bit off, like one strand is too high, the other too low.

    methinks a single strand of pearls is too classic a look, but if it’s timelessness you want, then good!


  4. err yup darling, i dont like the middle pic also. not on a wedding gown, i suppose. hands up for the one on the right! but i also have to agree on just a single strand (:


  5. LOVELY ring plate…I want one where can i get?

    Actually, the pearls on left or right will look good, i think key is to make it tighter to ur neck. don’t let it droop to ur dress.


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