The organised chaos

Hello, land of xiaolongbao

It’s 5.30am in the morning and I am sitting in front of my computer, all laundered and nice and clean.

Last week, I was told that I would be sent to Shanghai for an event. In my zealousness to capture as many hours of shopping as possible, I pushed my flights to the earliest (going into SH) and latest (going out of SH). And then yesterday, I was told that my event should only take up a day and I would have a full day of R&R. Gah.

Oh well. I’m now waiting for the fiance to pick me up – he’s very nicely offered to send me to and from the airport, even though I am able to claim transport expenses from my stingy company. His generosity amazes me sometimes, and it makes me glad to know that I am marrying a man like him!

So, I will be gone from today till the wee hours of Sunday morning (like, 6am). There’s going to be minimal blogging (not that I do that very frequently anyway) and don’t call/text me, I’ll call you when I’m back (cos I don’t know if stingy company will pay for my phone bills)!

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