Wedding March

My photographer is awesome

I’ll be the first to admit it: I am a horrible photo snob. It takes a lot for me to be wowed when it comes to pictures and I have to thank my 1.5-year stint at the Loiters pictures desk for that.

But if you think I am snooty, I can assure you that I am only half as anal as the fiance is. He’s got a much better eye for photography than I do and while I am the heart behind our likes and dislikes, he is the brain.

The good news is, this made our search for a wedding photographer a breeze. You see, our exacting standards meant that 95% of the photographers in Singapore were pretty much eliminated. Too cheesy, too boring, too unimaginative, too uncreative, too normal, too uninspiring, too inconsistent – you get the drift.

So how did we come to a decision? We knew we wanted someone whose pictures we would gladly hang up in our home. Something that we would want to thumb through again and again. Something that we would be proud to show our children and their children. Someone who could capture the emotions we had felt at that moment. Someone who was creative and could see beauty in light, angles, colours and facial expressions that others couldn’t.

And we found him.

Even though he belonged to the 2% that was out of our budget, we decided to just sod it and hire him because we believe that he is someone we could entrust our big day to. Well, the wedding dress is for one day but pictures are forever, right? So there you go.


It’s Eadwine of Plush Photography. I would put up more pictures except they are too big for the tiny column of my bloggie. Anyway, it’s a small world and it turns out that he goes to the same church as Denise and Joseph! And he is how awesome! Go check out his sites for more gorgeous pictures.

So all’s good on the wedding front. We’ve bought the domain of our website (it’s a secret!), know exactly where we will be exchanging our vows (more on that later) and I had my cheong sum tailored when I was in Shanghai! Plus, we have been coming up with heaps of ideas for decorations and stuff so yay.

I can’t wait to be married!