Two of Us

Where do I begin?

Well, the past two weeks have been madness. First, there was the unexpected trip to Shanghai. Then, I rushed back to Singers so that I could spend the boyf’s birthday with him. After that, it was a week of WORK. Stories to be plugged, edits after edits, calls and emails and photoshoots. Finally, we both took a day off last Friday to just chill, go to the gym and have dinner. And it really was the break that I had desperately craved.

Let’s start with the man’s 28th birthday, shall we? About a month ago, I decided to book us a ride on this:
!(imgcenter) Flyer)!:

The Shanghai trip almost derailed our plans but thankfully, I managed to put myself on a red-eye flight back home. I touched down on Sunday morning at 515am and was promptly met by a bleary-eyed boyfriend. Hurray for love!

Later in the evening, we headed over to the big wheel after catching Mika Hakkinen do his thang down the road in front of the Padang. Being really into touristy, kitschy things, we were both quite excited about it. Of course, we were never without our trusty Canon cameras and were busily shooting.

The clever marketing brains behind the Singapore Flyer have made it such that you are forced to take a cheesy tourist picture before you get into the capsule. We debated telling them that we didn’t want that picture taken but decided to be the abiding Singaporean sheep that we are. We ended up buying the picture for a princely $15! Suckers, I know.

The journey into the air was quite interesting. The view over Marina Boulevard was astonishing – we could even see the footy pitch being carved out at the floating platform. It helped that a shower a few hours before our ascent had turned the skies into gorgeous slices of azure heaven. Unfortunately, once you turn into the other direction towards Kallang, the experience is dulled somewhat because the view is hardly as lovely.

And lest you think you can indulge in some romance with your other half in the capsule, think again. You are sharing the space with others and it’s really hard to cultivate any sense of romance when within the small confines. Plus, it’s hard to get lovey dovey when your partner is more interested in capturing the right picture, heh.

And once we were back on land, it was time for a Popeye’s not-so-surprise party! We had so much fun, it made me glad I came home for the celebrations.

So hope you had a happy birthday, boyfriend. The next time we celebrate our birthdays, we will be married and probably doing the laundry together. 160 days to go!


More pictures here.

1 thought on “Where do I begin?”

  1. hee.. my boi and i had the WHOLE bloody cabin to ourselves yet i wasn’t even allowed to put my arm across his shoulders. ‘eh got camera la~!’ -__-


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