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My little Poupee

I’ve just started on this ridiculously addictive online community called, amusingly enough, Pupe.

If you have played with paper dolls when you were a wee kiddo, then Pupe would appeal to you. The premise is simple: you earn ribbons by uploading pictures of your fashion-related items such as shoes, bags, dresses, tights etc. With these ribbons, you can now purchase clothes and accessories for your virtual paper doll. Basically, it’s like shopping for things without using real money! You can also earn ribbons by commenting on the stuff that others have uploaded or when you sell off items.

I am so hooked onto it that I have been snapping pictures of the things in my exploding wardrobe, just so I can earn ribbons to buy more things. It’s madness. Anyway, here’s my poupee (the virtual doll) today, after four wardrobe changes:
!(imgcenter) Poupee)!

Drop me a note with your email address if you are as bored as I was and I will send you an invite! We’ll both get 30 ribbons to spend. 😉

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