Wedding March

Oriental girl

!(imgcenter) the mood for love, no?)!:

Not quite In the Mood for Love because, well, I channel Audrey Tautou more than I do Maggie Cheung. Though I am tempted to buy a pair of opera gloves just for vintage kicks!

Nevermind. I like this cheongsum, which was made when I was in Shanghai recently. Basically, it entailed taking a cab to the fabric market, locating the tailor, shoving him that picture which I had torn out of a magazine, getting my measurements taken and voila! a dress is born less than three days later. It’s not quite traditional, not sensual, not womanly, not lacy and nothing that you would associate with a woman in a cheongsum. Definitely not Madam Wong material.

But it’s cool. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Oriental girl”

  1. hey.. i actually wanted to drop an email instead but couldn’t find any contact information on your blog, hence I have to leave a comment here. Do you mind sharing with me where you made your cheongsum at Shanghai? I am making a trip there in Oct and would like to make one as well but do not have any contacts. You can drop me an email at

    Thanks a lot!

    Shuwei πŸ™‚


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