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Ingrid and TheBund

!(imgleft), MacBook!)!:
I am not sure if there has always been a closet geek hiding inside my little body, which was gleefully unlocked out of its sad existence by the boyfriend, or was it a case of his gadgety influences rubbing on me.

Two months ago, I finally caved and ordered myself a MacBook to prepare for the seemingly eventual demise of my beloved Baby-iMac G4 (happy sixth birthday!). Poor Baby has been having a hard time waking up from its sleep mode – it has a penchant of clicking its hard disk in resentment from having to rise from its hibernation. Furthermore, it loves to hang on me upon waking up. Egged on by the boyfriend, who was himself eyeing a MacBook Pro (his Quiksilver is older than Baby), we decided to splash some cash on new machines.

On a bluesy Monday night, the boyf brought Ingrid into my home and what can I say, it was love at first chime. Leopard (OS 10.5) rocks! I wasn’t able to install it on Baby because, well, it would probably fry its 700Mhz processor and puny 786MB RAM. But ooh, on Ingrid’s 2.4Ghz processor and 2GB RAM (it’s going up to 4GB soon, I promise), everything flowed fast and smooth. No more waiting for ages to load a picture in Photoshop. Hurray to shooting and editing in RAW!

I still love Baby though, I haven’t forsaken it completely. It now is my media machine and occasionally when I hanker for a bigger 15-inch screen (don’t talk to me about resolution), I still use it for basic surfing. Ingrid and Baby sit side by side everyday in their pristine whiteness (or as white as Baby can be anyway, after six years) and we have plans to keep it in the east end for use as a photo/music machine.

And let’s not forget TheBund – the boyf’s swanky new MacBook Pro (the backlit keyboard is gorgeous!). He took it over to my house on the day he received it and being the ultimate geek that he is, he decided to make a stop motion video of its unveiling. TheBund and Ingrid got along very well – as you can see in the movie – and it really was a blast unwrapping the sleek machine (check out the video below, it’s awesome!).

We’re going to be such a household of Apple freaks (two laptops, two desktops, five iPods and possibly two iPhones) and gadgety geeks.

(See my flickr set: Unveiling Ingrid)

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