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A dash of pink and black

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Almost four years since graduation, I realise that I have stopped decorating my workdesk. When I first started, I had cheery pictures of us in Hawaii and my nephew adorning the walls of my cubicle. These days, my desk is just that: a desk to aid my productivity so that I can bugger out of the office as quickly as possible.

But even then, a girl needs something to cheer her up when she is buried in work and when that antique Macintosh G3 machine throws a tantrum. My solution? A gorgeous poster of the new Sex and the City movie. I love the artwork – the elegant black and pink, the crystal-encrusted logo, her beautiful bustier dress, the air of class, girlishness and unbridled joy. It’s all marketing, of course, but my love for Carrie and SJP far exceeds my innate cynicism (which is exacerbated by the job, really).

I’ve got the soulful India.Arie song, The Heart of the Matter, on repeat mode now, the very song that drew my attention on the movie’s website and trailer. Thanks to the ed, a copy of the soundtrack landed on my desk and the combination of completing my work on time, the arrival of the weekend and the fact that I will be catching the most anticipated movie of the year soon really lifted my spirits.

Can’t wait to get to the cinema later to catch the movie with the girls. Happiness!

Oh, and I’ll be running my first 10km for the Sundown Marathon in 1.5 years since the 2006 Singapore Marathon before that. Wish me luck!

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