Wedding March

Veil unveiling

I am a happy bride-to-be!

Thanks to my personal FedEx man Joker, my “decorations” have arrived! They look really cute in their packaging and hopefully, they are 1000000000x cuter when unfolded and enhanced by the erm “things”. Don’t ask. I’m trying to cultivate a sense of mystery here.

And best of all, my veil is here! Now, I am a control freak. I want to make sure that every element of this fun wedding is done up according to my wishes. I mean, our wishes. Right. Anyway, I saw that the veil given by my bridal boutique isn’t that nice and decided to get an alternative. The problem is, these tiny pieces of tulle cost a hell lot of money. Some boutiques were hawking theirs for $200. Like, seriously?!

So I started surfing online and came across a few gorgeous pieces. But these intricate veils with delicate beading were out of my budget at almost US$80 per pop. In the end, simplicity and timelessness ruled over my vanity. Afterall, nobody (unless you are crazy brides-to-be) would be gushing over the veil at the wedding.

And who knew there is so much to learn about veils. One-tiered, two-tiered, drop, mantilla, edging, beading, crystals, pearls, colours, length, fullness… made me tired just thinking about it. Initially, I wanted to get a two-tiered veil because I wanted to have a blusher (the tier that hangs over your face, nothing to do with your cheek colour) but because my dress is a meringue nightmare with big poufy layers of tulle, I decided that a poufy veil would make me look like a poodle.

!(imgleft) drop veil!)!
Then I saw this. I love how the drop veil hangs delicately, and how simple and elegant it is. It doesn’t distract and yet serves its purpose cleanly. Ah, drop veil it is then.

Since I am tiny, a cathedral veil is out of the question. Sigh. In the end, I opted for Occansey Designs because it is highly rated and has a 50-inch drop veil that is wallet-friendly.

I tried it on with my wedding dress just now and had a picture taken (hooray for tripods), and I am thrilled with the effect. It’s now uploaded on a semi-secret location because I don’t want the boyf to see it.

Yay! Now, I’m super looking forward to our Friday engagement photo shoot with Eadwine!

Photo taken from srpro’s knottie bio