Two of Us, Wedding March

For better, for worse

Today, I understood why human beings need to have someone to rely on in their lives. And today, I came to realise how strong a wedding vow can be.

I woke up several times in the dark of the night to empty the contents of my stomach. At three in the morning, sitting on the bathroom floor and vomiting my guts out is definitely not my idea of fun. I didn’t say a word to my mother, who was leaving on her holiday, because I didn’t want her to worry. But after she had left, the sinking feeling of being utterly sick and alone hit me hard but all I could do was burrow deep into my covers and hope that it would go away.

It didn’t. I rang the slumbering boyf, who was clearly too muddled with sleep to respond to the urgency of my voice. In despair, I tried to will the chills away but when it showed no signs of ending, I called the boyf again and burst into tears.

“I’ll come over as soon as I can,” he promised.

And he did. I couldn’t stop crying, partly because of the discomfort and mostly because I was just so glad to be in the arms of someone who loved and cared for me. He got me food, stroked my back when I was back in front of the toilet bowl hurling the contents of of my tummy out and held my hand as I walked slowly to see the doctor. Without him, I wouldn’t have summoned the strength to do all that.

Back home, he sat down at the foot of my bed and waited patiently while I slumbered. For two hours, he sat there mucking around with his BundBook and everytime I opened my eyes, he was just there. His silent presence gave me strength and I started to feel much better, as mushy as it sounds. Plus, the various calls and text messages I got from my friends made me feel loved.

For better, for worse.

This may not be the worst “worse” that we will encounter in our future but right now, his unflinching support while I’m bent over the loo takes the cake.