Wedding March

Two rings

!(imgenter) rings)!:

Red: Check out my ring, yo. It’s so bling bling.

White: Big deal. Mine is bigger than yours.

And ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you: Our wedding bands. Love ’em!

And there is more from where it came. Click here for more hilarious pictures.

3 thoughts on “Two rings”

  1. haha, pls bring the two halo like toys to the big day =)))

    and no you dun look like pontianak!! the proof images are out. will be able to pass to you guys next week.


  2. Not that i didn’t try… I found some cool ones but must link here link there and need a bit of knowledge on html. i give up. hehe. until now my new URL also haven kicked in. *(%&(^)%##


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