Wedding March

Crazy and in love

!(imgcenter) sleep)!:

I’m not working because I am busy admiring myself.
I mean, come on, the pictures taken by Ead are like, how gorgeous! And he makes me look super gorgeous glamorous too. My colleagues couldn’t believe that it’s me, since I’m always in my specs, shorts/jeans and teeshirts (with no makeup) at work. Granted, I do look like a vampire in some shots (I had a makeup trial right before the shoot) but overall, I have to say that the makeup looks pretty good.

And we did have so much fun! I was remarking to the boyf that it was a good thing we did the engagement shoot because it’s helped us articulate how much we love each other. We know we love each other but sometimes, we don’t show it openly and this shoot has made us realise just how crazy in love we are.

I’m going to stop talking and continue admiring myself. Thank you Ead for making us look so pretty (I feel pretty, and witty and light!)!

!(imgcenter) room)!:

!(imgcenter) out loud)!:

11 thoughts on “Crazy and in love”

  1. These are really very lovely, the photographer is very talented! I am however, quite sure that there was some use of the healing brush…..


  2. i first saw your photos at eadwine’s blog days ago.. i am a frequent visitor of his blog and also big supporter of the wedding photos he took for couples!

    you look really pretty yann! 🙂

    and i tink its really nice and heart-warming to take photos at the place where both of you met and fell in love at (a.k.a vjc)

    very nice shots… love them loads.. cant wait to see the shots captured for the actual wedding day itself.



  3. Hey girl, rem me from SCI? Somehow some link dropped me onto your blog. Congrats! Your photos look damn cool and nice!


  4. it’s beautiful!!!! 🙂

    I love the singapore flyer shot especially.

    happy for the both of you!

    giving me ideas for my own photoshoot! keke..

    can’t wait to see all the other pics!


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