The organised chaos

Nerdin’ out on weddings

Bedtime reading

These days, forget about Neil Gaiman or Haruki Murakami – the only words I am reading are off the computer (ie. blogs, blogs, blogs) and glossy pages of magazines. More specifically, magazines of the bridal and interior design sort. Oh, plus Nylon and US Vogue. But these are usually swallowed up by the mountain of InStyle Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings (the bible of all Weddings), Square Rooms, Home & Decor and Domino. Plus, my train/bus rides are now taken up by Scott Mills‘ podcasts (trust me, when your days are filled with stress, listening to him, Chappers and Beccy before work can make a whole lot of difference) so there is no room for any sort of reading.

I comfort myself by thinking that this level of shallowness is not permanent – once we get onto our minimoon, sipping iced tea by the pool under the warm sun, the books are coming right out of the cupboard with me for a tan.

In other news, I am happy to report that the last fashion-y purchase that I had made was almost a month back, on May 28. Then, I had snagged two gorgeous dresses from GG>5 for the princely sum of $51.25. That’s the advantage of getting married and preparing for a new home. You feel so acutely for your bank account that you don’t really fancy splashing out more cash for anything else. The only flaw in this theory is that your bank account really does decrease dramatically anyway.

And oh, I am heading for the great wintry Gold Coast a week from now and I have no winter wear in my wardrobe. If I had thought that Shanghai was cold, I think I am in for a freezing ride.