Foodnotes, Two of Us


It irritates me that he almost never plans dates. But then, serendipity can be fun too.

We killed our initial plan to head down to Sentosa, due to the hot weather. Just when I thought we would end up in a shopping mall, I remembered that there was Flea-tique at the Singapore Art Museum.

Once there, however, the sticky humidity killed my eagerness to hunt for a bargain (although I did buy a vintage pin and a beaded necklace). We dove back into the air-conditioning comforts and checked out theAlain Fleischer: Time Exposures exhibition (his b/w works are brilliant) instead.

!(imgcenter) Haven)!:

I have been good to my bank account, so I figured I should buy my favourite guy dinner at Absolute Haven (70 Prinsep Street). It was highly recommended on foodie forums and it was near the SAM so we took a leisurely stroll over.

!(imgcenter) rose)!:

Verdict: hits and misses. The ambience was nice: a cosy nook located on a quiet street in the city. Service was flawless too. But the food was inconsistent. The Spinach and Wild Mushrooms Salad ($8) starter was a yummy choice. The mushroom soup ($6.90), though, wasn’t his cup of tea. It had chunky bits of mushroom, which was good, but it was too bland. He wasn’t too keen on my main, the Seafood Risotto Rice ($22), either. The murky seafood taste was overpowering and the octopus pieces were tough. But I liked that the rice had flavour, unlike the tasteless risotto served up by rival restaurants. The favourite of the day was his main, the Oven Roasted Rack of Lamb ($22). It was juicy, tender, the flavours (and decadent fat) bursting with every bite.

!(imgcenter), toys, toys!)!:

Then, we were off to the Singapore Toy and Comic Convention! There were lots of excited fanboys but I’m not much of a toy fan and was just there to ooh and aah at the exhibits. The Domuya reminded me of Lester’s beloved Sharon, who is a devoted collector. And when I saw the Oyako Tofu, I thought immediately of Mel and her recent purchase. I almost caved and bought Tofu and Tokidoki tee-shirts but thankfully, common sense prevailed (I don’t wear tees) and I kept my wallet safely in my bag.

It didn’t stay in there for long, though, because when we went to Marina Square, I got myself a pair of Diesel vintage-esque high heels. I hardly wear heels and those were killer heels so common sense basically flew out of the window. But then again, I have been eyeing those chunky T-bar heels for the longest time and they were on 70% discount. Savings, no?

Maybe when we are married with kids, these dates will be far and few. Right now, I am just happy to indulge in the present.

And no, “impromptu-ness” is not really a word.