The organised chaos, Two of Us

Baby, it’s cold outside

!(imgcenter)’s cold, cold, cold)!:

Don’t be fooled by that smile – inside I was turning to ice. Yes, smarty pants me thought that the wetsuit would keep me warm but NO. The water was so cold, I couldn’t stop shivering till hours later. It took a soak in a tub full of hot water to make me feel sufficiently alive again.

Winter in Gold Coast. Not good. COLD.
The nights are even worse.

And I swear, I never ever want to take the red-eye flight again. I end up not getting any sleep and feeling crabby and sneezy all day. I’m not looking forward to Sunday’s flight back.

Thankfully, I have this to keep my insides all warm and fuzzy:
!(imgcenter) love this man!)!:

Using iChat in Singapore is a form of amusement; using iChat when I am overseas is a necessity. His goofy smile and silly antics make me laugh, melting away any form of loneliness I may have.

I heart this man.

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