Wedding March


!(imgcenter) gorgeous arc of colours)!:

How gentle is the rain
That falls softly on the meadow
Birds high up in the trees
Serenade the clouds with their melody
Oh! See there beyond the hills
The bright colors of the rainbow
Some magic from above
Made this day for us
Just to fall in love


I woke up at 11am, back in my own bed and feeling extremely groggy. There it was, an innocuous text message from the boyf: “Happy engagement anniversary.”

Unbeknownst to us, Time has crept past us and it’s now exactly a year since he popped the question up on The Peak.

How much things have changed since that pivotal moment.

What hasn’t changed, though, is his devoted love for me. Here’s a man who would never fail to send me off or pick me up from the airport whenever I go overseas. Even if it’s at 6am, he would say, “Never mind, I’ll come out now, wait for me.” I may be grumpy, whiny, tired and grimy from the flight but he always brings a smile to my face.


Tired but in love

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