Little Miss Shopaholic

A tiery affair

Some of you may recall the lust that I had for that particular Zara dress a year ago:
!(imgcenter), fashion meets architecture)!:

Fast-forward to a year later and this is what I ended up with:
!(imgcenter) like flamenco)!:

Multi-frill skirt from Warehouse

I had some hours to kill before meeting the cousins for “Red Cliff” and no prizes for guessing how I spent those hours. In my defense, it is the Great Singapore Sale and these days, I hardly buy anything in its original retail price anyway. And they were on pretty hefty discounts. So, sale equals bargain.

Repeat after me: sale equals bargain. Si?

Therefore, we also ended up, guiltily, with this:
!(imgcenter) dash)!:

Coral dress with tiers from Topshop, paired with my new fugly Charles and Keith mock croc bag

I think it’s a reaction to the dreadful fluff I had spun the day before for a writing test.

I promise to be good for the rest of the month.


Postcards from Gold Coast #2


Thick succulent slices of smoked salmon encased in a chewy bagel. Great stuff.

!(imgcenter) loves Sara)!:

Crashing waves as seen from QDeck. And oh, someone loves Sara.

!(imgcenter) road most travelled)!:

Beautiful skies and a view that made running the race a pleasure

!(imgcenter) than my head)!:

Look ma, the lettuce’s bigger than my fist!