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My weekend playtime

Unfortunately, due to my laziness and the fact that I run around the island for work quite frequently, I tend not to pay much attention to my dressing during weekdays. Yes, shame on me.

Flats are the preferred choice of shoes because I have to walk quite a far bit from the MRT station to the stinkin’ inaccessible office (blah, it’s Monday tomorrow!). And because I am pretty thirfty (read: stingy), I tend to cut out cabs altogether and take public transport to my appointments, which means a whole lot more walking. And because my team tends to be quite casual in their dressing, I try not to overdo it so that I can blend in. Peer pressure, meh.

When I wore this outfit to work:
!(imgcenter) 25)!:

I had a lot of “wah” comments. And it’s just bright chili red tights! Okay, it is bright red tights.

Come weekends, though, I’m like a vain vamp unleashed from the cage:
!(img) 19)!: !(img) 20)!: !(img) 3)!:

I’m pretty eclectic but almost always jazz up my clothes with crazy tights. I don’t follow rules (I can see fashion editors shuddering now) and often throw on what I feel like wearing at that moment. Sometimes, it’s inspired by what I have seen in street fashion blogs, at other times, the outfit is built upon a particular item (like the “Willy Wonka-like” tights in the extreme left picture; thanks Popartgirl!). I just like playing around with textures and colours, and seeing how things (mis)match.

Call me narcissistic, if you will, but I don’t take these pictures because I think I am gorgeous (I’m actually way too sexay for the Internet, hah!). I just like dressing up and participating in fashion communities. It’s like a forum: you get to see what others can come up with and be inspired, and in return, you hope to inspire someone else.

So call me whatever! As long as I am happy with my playthings all squashed inside an exploding wardrobe, I don’t care. Seriously, you can only do all these things when you are young and free from responsibilities (check back again when I have a squealing baby in my arms and see if I am still busy plotting to take over the world with my outfits). And dressing up does make your day a little more bearable so go on and make yourself feel better!

!(img) 24)!: !(img) 14)!: !(img) 28)!:

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