The White Rabbit

I used to read Alice in Wonderland when I was a kid but it never was my favourite fairy tale. Maybe I was spooked by the crazy Queen of Hearts or the fact that the grin of the cheshire cat lingers in the air even though he has vanished. Or perhaps it’s just my romantic bone acting up and refusing to like any tale that ain’t a happy ever after with a knight in shining armour. Hah!

But I have to say, I was utterly charmed by The White Rabbit, a beautiful eatery in the so-hip-there-is-no-parking-lot Dempsey Road area. Again, this was for a media lunch so lucky me!


It’s housed in an old chapel that was lovingly restored by the owners, the same folks behind the cool Loof. It retains the quaint ambience of the chapel, with its high ceiling and warm lighting, and yet blends in modern comforts (think booth seats and bar counters) seamlessly. My crew and I were seated in a little nook behind the main dining area, where full-length windows allowed the sunlight to pour in.

For starters, we had the mushroom cappuccino and prawn bisque ($16). The bisque is a must-try – you’ll love how the laksa pesto and coconut milk combines with the prawn.

!(imgcenter) and cheese)!:

Our favourite main dish has to be the White Rabbit Mac and Cheese. To be fair, everything that we ordered, from the roasted rack of lamb ($32?) to the sole menuire ($29), was delightful. But the mac and cheese impressed simply because of the way chef Edmund Sia, who has honed his skills working with Chefs Justin Quek and Marco-Pierre White, has taken an old favourite and turned it into something so comforting yet rich.

For the finale, I present to you the White Rabbit Blackforest Cake ($14):
!(imgcenter) what?)!:

Looks nothing like that chocolate flaked cake that you are used to, right? But this deconstructed version tastes like heaven. The sweetness of the chocolate ice-cream, mixed with the slight bitterness of the chocolate cake, mixed with the crunchiness of the biscuit bits equals DELICIOUS. Needless to say, it was gone in, oh, five bites. I’m a chocophile, meh.

That night, I went to Brewerkz for dinner and gosh, it made Brewerkz’s food taste terribly heinous. Would I go back to The White Rabbit again? Definitely. I hear that they are going to offer brunch soon and it’s a marvellous place to chill out on a lazy Sunday. Perfect. The only downside is the service isn’t quite up to mark yet. Glasses of water were not refilled and the wait staff can be downright grumpy. But given that they have just opened for business a month ago, I expect these things to be sorted out pretty quick.

The White Rabbit
39C Harding Road
Tel: 6473-9965

Wedding March

Two, better together

We’ve finally got the rest of our engagement shoot pictures from Eadwine and sigh, don’t you just love Photoshop? If only I look like that everyday!

!(imgcenter), not Frenching)!:

Anyhow, we’ve left most of the fun part of the wedding behind (read: shopping for fun things like dresses and rings) and are now at the serious portion, ie. the guest list. The guest list requires all of your memory, as well as your analytical skills. For instance, you have to remember if potential guest A ever ill-treated you and then you weigh the pros and cons of not inviting him/her. And with a tiny guest list of 90 or less friends (not including our parents’ list, good God, that’s another story altogether), it’s a cruel game of ping-pong that we have to play.

“Should we invite A?”
“Not quite keen. Maybe he’s a B-lister.”
“Think we should forget it.”
“Okay. What about Z’s wife?”

And then there is his shopping to do. The dude is still not suited up (tsk tsk) but at least we have nailed down his shirt over the weekend. Bought that white piece of cotton from Raoul at an exorbitant price (it’s even more expensive than my cheongsum or evening dress) but hey, it was finally something that caught his highly discerning eye.

Everything seems to be going okay but since neither of us have had any experience in handling a wedding, we may just be clueless optimists. Oh well, at least we have each other. And that’s all it matters, at the end of the Big Wedding Day.

!(imgcenter) for joy!)!:

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