Wedding March

Two, better together

We’ve finally got the rest of our engagement shoot pictures from Eadwine and sigh, don’t you just love Photoshop? If only I look like that everyday!

!(imgcenter), not Frenching)!:

Anyhow, we’ve left most of the fun part of the wedding behind (read: shopping for fun things like dresses and rings) and are now at the serious portion, ie. the guest list. The guest list requires all of your memory, as well as your analytical skills. For instance, you have to remember if potential guest A ever ill-treated you and then you weigh the pros and cons of not inviting him/her. And with a tiny guest list of 90 or less friends (not including our parents’ list, good God, that’s another story altogether), it’s a cruel game of ping-pong that we have to play.

“Should we invite A?”
“Not quite keen. Maybe he’s a B-lister.”
“Think we should forget it.”
“Okay. What about Z’s wife?”

And then there is his shopping to do. The dude is still not suited up (tsk tsk) but at least we have nailed down his shirt over the weekend. Bought that white piece of cotton from Raoul at an exorbitant price (it’s even more expensive than my cheongsum or evening dress) but hey, it was finally something that caught his highly discerning eye.

Everything seems to be going okay but since neither of us have had any experience in handling a wedding, we may just be clueless optimists. Oh well, at least we have each other. And that’s all it matters, at the end of the Big Wedding Day.

!(imgcenter) for joy!)!:

View the rest of our favourites here.

2 thoughts on “Two, better together”

  1. so sweet n in love. makes me wanna give my hubby a big kiss too.

    Actually, i think ur pictures and eadwine’s pictures has this similar “cool coloured” quality. u think? haha i’m learning i’m learning.


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