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Rained out

!(imgcenter) day)!:

Doesn’t it just suck when it storms when you are having a holiday by the beach?


Next to me, the waves crashed ominously against the golden shore. The horizon was heavy with clouds that were dark with rain. I ran and ran, hoping against hope that I could outlast the storm. But Mother Nature was not having it. She blew great gusts of wind against my body, throwing me off course more than once. And as if that wasn’t enough, pallets of rain drops blasted against my skin, my face, my hair. The water ran into my eyes, my mouth, deep into my scalp, and it was all I could do to run with my eyes open. I gasped for air, icy cold oxygen sucked down my throat. I was soaked to the skin, my fingers were frozen to the bone and my feet were squelching in water.

It was the best run of my life.

!(imgcenter) and happy after running in the rain)!:

Looking blah but feeling fantastic!

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Baby, it’s cold outside

!(imgcenter)’s cold, cold, cold)!:

Don’t be fooled by that smile – inside I was turning to ice. Yes, smarty pants me thought that the wetsuit would keep me warm but NO. The water was so cold, I couldn’t stop shivering till hours later. It took a soak in a tub full of hot water to make me feel sufficiently alive again.

Winter in Gold Coast. Not good. COLD.
The nights are even worse.

And I swear, I never ever want to take the red-eye flight again. I end up not getting any sleep and feeling crabby and sneezy all day. I’m not looking forward to Sunday’s flight back.

Thankfully, I have this to keep my insides all warm and fuzzy:
!(imgcenter) love this man!)!:

Using iChat in Singapore is a form of amusement; using iChat when I am overseas is a necessity. His goofy smile and silly antics make me laugh, melting away any form of loneliness I may have.

I heart this man.