Friends, Wedding March

Of gratitude

Many, many years from now, I will look back upon these days with much fondness and reminiscence.

I haven’t been sleeping well for the past week so my energy level is threadbare at this moment. But I just want to note all these down before I ever forget.

Thank you my friends, the first few whom I had texted a “save the date” message to today. Your cheery replies made me smile and feel grateful for your companionship on the most important day of my life. I haven’t made the effort to reach out to you as much as I should and I feel embarrassed about it. But do know that I value your presence because I value you as a friend.

Thank you to those who have been listening to my laments over the past few weeks. It probably is a drag to hear someone gripe about the same problems over and over again, but you all have shown me nothing but empathy and patience. In the face of such unhappiness, that’s exactly the tonic that I need.

And to you, the man I will be marrying in 44 days – thank you for being you. Even though we had the following conversation today:

Me: So, do I look pregnant in this dress then?
Him: Yeah!
Me: What?
Him: Yah! Very!
Me: You think I look pregnant?!
Him: Oh!! I thought you asked if you looked nice.

You know, if it had been another girl, she might have socked you. But instead, I laughed. And you know what that means? We are probably made for each other because we share the same lame humour. Like how we both eavesdrop on others’ conversations and then exchange a look that says exactly the same thing. Like how when I told you by marrying you, I would be giving up all rights to ever touch a six-pack, you raised your eyebrows and said you would be giving up all rights to something else too and we chuckled like a pair of crazy hyenas.

It’s been a very, very good journey and I couldn’t have done it without you.


I wanna grow old with you

2 thoughts on “Of gratitude”

  1. Hello! So glad you have a blog i can follow, i was going thru your archives and getting absorbed in your buys for your Big Day. Congratulations!! That Yu dress looks splendid on you, great colour.

    p.s. which mag do you write for?


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