Wedding March

T-minus one month


So cute…until he starts snoring.
It’s just one more month till I call him “husband”! Time flies so fast, it’s scary. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were buying east end?

Speaking of east end, I love to tell everyone that if it had not been for me, both of us wouldn’t have a roof over our heads (and, now, a pretty teapot set! But that’s another story). See, in the week leading up to the selection of the flat, the boyfriend was really excited about it. I was a little apprehensive because it was a huge financial commitment.

On the day of the selection (Dec 3?), we went down to the showflat at the stipulated time and stood in front of the huge board that showed the prices. The flats were ridiculously dear (remember, this was December 2006, before the prices skyrocketed) and our brains were working overtime, calculating costs. Somehow, I became certain that purchasing the flat was the right thing to do. He, on the other hand, got cold feet. In the end, we compromised. If we could get a unit that fitted our budget and was in the layout that we wanted, it would be ours. Otherwise, we would walk away.

Somewhere out there, someone must have heard our prayers because the dream unit was available. It busted our budget by $10,000 but we figured that it wasn’t too big a deal. All the rooms overlooked the unobstructed green field and it wasn’t on the lowest floor. It just felt right. And almost two years later, after seeing how the property market and the following DBSS projects went insane, I am glad to say that it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

I’ve been lucky indeed.
Happy t-minus one month!

Geek Girl

Clickety click


Call me paparazzi! New cameras alert!

Well technically, I have had my Canon Powershot A590 for more than a month now.

Why, you ask, do I need another Canon when I already have my trusty DSLR? Because the 400d is bulky and wouldn’t fit into my daily handbags. Why do I carry my camera around everyday? Because I just do. Anyway, I have been pretty chuffed with its performance – it’s a great little gadget that delivers sharp, crisp pictures with vivid colours. Its manual function allows me to change everything from the white balance to the aperture so it appeals to the inner geek in me.

As for the uber fabulous fisheye lomo with built-in flash, I have to say a big THANK YOU to You’e and Ash! They sprung a surprise on me this evening during dinner, handing this to me as a wedding gift. What are the odds? The boyfriend and I have been wanting to buy one for ages but were put off by the price. And coincidentally, we had just been ogling the Lomos at Peninsula Plaza the day before. It’s destined, I tell ‘ya. Clever girls!

Don’t you just love the retro chicness of the Lomo? Now all I need is the Holga and the happy camera family will be complete (lenses not included)!

Guess who will be going trigger-happy during her wedding?