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The make-believe tai-tai

Sometimes, I find it sad that after working our asses off five days a week, 52 weeks a year, we are only entitled to between 14 to 21 days of “leave”. Who came up with this proportion? Who dictated that we need to work five days in order to rest for two days?

When I go on leave, I love to pretend that I am a lady of leisure. My favourite scenario of a perfect day out is to be equipped with a good read while sitting down at a comfortable cafe, sipping a cup of tea and having a slice of cake. And some delectable macaroons. Dressed in a pretty, vintage(-sque) floral frock, preferably this one from Prada.

Unfortunately, that never happens because my day off always consists of meeting up with friends and running errands. But I’m not complaining because I spend time with people whose company I enjoy and have good food too.

For instance,

Slurping up thick mushroom soup and having crusty whole grains bread with balsamic vinegar on the side at Cedele. Hot chocolate and tuna sandwich were gobbled up by the boyfriend.


Having a good cuppa ginger tea at an al fresco Canele (Shaw Centre)…until a leaf fell into my cup.


Sharing a deliciously light strawberry shortcake with my favourite air stewardess cum Loiters compatriot.

3 thoughts on “The make-believe tai-tai”

  1. Hey Yann, happened to surf onto your blog while doing some random Googling about The White Rabbit, and I must say, I really like your writing! 🙂

    Btw, how do you apply that password protected thingummy to certain posts?


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