The organised chaos

Hold your own

I haven’t been me for a while.

Or rather, this is me. I despair. I ponder. I grimace. I replay certain words and scenes over and over againe. I pray. I remind myself that hey, tomorrow will be a better day, even if today is unpleasant. I smile. I laugh. I close my eyes and send a silent prayer up to the powers that be. I can’t see the future although I wish I could. I retreat, myopically, back into the shell that protects me. I think. I predict. I imagine. I listen to my iPod. I see it as a lesson learnt. I look forward to a new life. I look back with no regrets. I complain. I panic. I listen. I feel thankful.

I know. That tomorrow will be a better day.
All I have to do is wait out the storm.
It may be pouring now but hey, the sun’s warm rays will peek through the clouds sooner or later.

!(imgcenter) we soar)!:

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