Wedding March

Thick and Thin are online

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One of the things I love about the wedding is our website.

Yes, we is geekoids and we is lurve the Internet. But well, the Internet is there for us to utilise, right? Right from the start, we knew that we were going to have a website – no questions asked. And now that it’s fully conceived, I really love clicking around even though I know what to expect because I wrote everything on the site! Oh, and if you think it’s pretty, it’s all due to the boyf. He’s so clever, he put it all together by himself. I’m pimping him right now: write to me if you want him to do up your website! He’s for hire by the hour and I’ll even waive GST.

On the site, you will see a whole lot of pictures of us – some downright ugly and some supremely gorgeous – as well as information about the friends who are helping us with the wedding. It’s a little way for us to thank them as well as acknowledge their help because really, without them, the wedding wouldn’t be half as interesting as it is (ain’t I selling my own wedding, hah!). Every word that we wrote came from our hearts so it’s a nice, little personal tribute to the friends we love most in the world.

And, uh, the wedding is in 18 days. But first, we have to get over the Guo Da Li, otherwise known as the selling of the Bride, this Sunday. If we were back in the olden days, his parents would be leading a herd of cows and sheep, some gold ingots and a bunch of cakes in exchange for my hand. In modern days, however, I am worth only 26 boxes of Bengawan Solo pandan cakes, a couple of oranges and two 1.5l bottles of soft drinks. I can’t remember if a roast pig is thrown into the fray or not but I doubt it. Depreciation, it seems, applies to humans too.