Wedding March

Nightmare on wedding lane

I think I have reached it.

This is the point, as previous brides tell me, where the stress level builds up and you start getting nightmares about the wedding.

Well, I have reached it. Two bad dreams in three nights – surely that’s a sign that the stress levels are right up there.

The first is about our photographer (his current post is NSFW, haha!). In my dream, he didn’t show up at the wedding. As I paced about in my swirly evening dress (details, details), Sandy handed me a mobile phone and I rang him. Oops, I had forgotten about your wedding, he said. I hung up, sat on the floor and burst into tears, convinced that the day was ruined because there won’t be any gorgeous documentation of our wedding.

“It’s time for us to send the invoice back to Eadwine,” laughed the boyfriend when I related the dream to him. Meh.

Of all the topics, hair follicles should be the least of my problems. Last night, I dreamt that I had let my eyebrows (!!) grow out of shape. It was so bad that on the day of the wedding, all my relatives had a dreadful fright when they saw my face, until my uncle came up to me and handed me a shaver to trim the overgrown mini jungle.

It’s sort of funny, actually. Can’t to go on my long-awaited leave and dive headlong into this wedding thing!