Wedding March


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2:05pm: Sitting in my dermatologist’s office, waiting to do my chemical peel. The price of being a vain woman. I’ve never had clear skin since I entered the murky world of adolescence but it’s never been too big an issue with me. Until now. Because of the wedding. Common sense has gone out of the window.

2:22pm: Ouch.

2:40pm: I leave the office, hundreds of dollars poorer and clutching a bag of medicine.

3:13pm: Sipping a thick and sweet chocolate milkshake at the alfresco MacDonald’s outlet outside Shaw House. I love sitting at a cafe with time on my hands and nothing to worry about, momentarily. Everyday life should be like this.

3:57pm: Awaiting my Browgraphy session at Browhaus, The Cathay. It’s free but I feel like a lab rat as the “architects” lean over me and discuss my skin and brows as if I don’t exist. I try to tell them that I just had a peel done but it went unnoticed.

5:15pm: The poor architect-in-training is finally done with my brows.

5:50pm: Black or cream? I pick cream. Although size four is a little too snug for my liking, I decide that the 20% discount was worth it.

6:05pm: I am lying down on a bed, looking up at the ceiling as a “kitten” peers at my nether regions while applying hot wax to my skin. Ouch. Well, not quite – it was relatively painless. If you are on a budget, Honeypot is having a promotion at $38.

6:40pm: The cousin exclaimed into the phone as I entered her shop, “The bride has just entered my boutique!” Turns out that she was chatting with her sister, discussing what to wear for the wedding. Despite their huge wardrobes and the fact that the cuz owns a boutique, they both claim that they have nothing to wear. I tell them, cheekily, to save the money and pack it all into a red packet for me and they yelped, “Shameless!”

7:30pm: Ensconced in a little booth with the boyf, slurping up bak kut teh.

9:01pm: Devouring the latest issue of Lucky at Borders Parkway, while the boyf tries to avoid getting his cell eaten up by the bigger organisms.

10:05pm: The photographer finally makes his appearance!

11:25pm: Dashing to the car from the haunted lift at Neptune Court. I read the piece of consent form that my uncle (AKA our officiant) had handed me minutes earlier with much amusement – so much government bureaucracy for a wedding.

12:00am: Home!

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