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It’s not about us


Sometimes, I feel that the wedding is not just about me and him: it’s also about the people close to us.

I’m truly blessed with the best family ever. When things are rough, I can always hide in their safe harbours and be a child again. It doesn’t matter how old I am – with my god-sisters (who are also my cousins), I am the baby all over again. Take the recent debacle with my own sister, for instance. I love her with all my heart but she just has the ability to break me down, over and over again. When the cousins got wind of it, they comforted me and became the guiding, tolerant sisters that I sometimes wished my own sister is. They heard me rant, heard my pain and gave me protection under their generous wings.

The best thing is, they are genuinely excited about the wedding – planning their outfits, going shopping to buy me wedding presents, offering to sponsor us everything from a three-tier cake from The Patissier to the wedding dress etc because they know that we are saving for the house. The boyf gets along splendidly with them, which makes me really happy, because their approval matters to me.

And then, there are my friends. It is only tonight, at Sandy’s house, that I finally saw the vision that these wonderful people have for our wedding. Looking at the giant monogram that Trev had whipped up for me (and is probably working on, right now), I was struck speechless. It was extremely time-consuming and so very beautiful and grand. And as I listened to the piano recording that Grace and Joyce had put together for our processional, I felt incredibly moved. It may be a simple 1.5 minute refrain; yet it speaks volumes of their affection for us. Plus, the angpow box that Squirt and Popartgirl had created for us is just perfect – I could never have come up with something so ingenious and apt.

Us, little ‘ol us – they are doing all these things for us, with no strings attached, no reason other than they want our wedding to be perfect for us.

I really don’t know what I have done to deserve all these.

If I end up being a boohoo baby on stage on Sunday night and not able to articulate my thoughts, know that in my heart, I am very grateful to all of you. It’s not just our wedding – every little step along the way has been touched by you, in one way or another. If the wedding is memorable, it’s because of you.

And I am very glad to have you along the journey.

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