Wedding March

At the other side


So. The wedding day didn’t go exactly as we had planned. I have to be honest and say that I was really, really disappointed but in the heck, what really matters is that we are madly in love and married to each other, right?

Big, big apologies to our guests, especially those who had no tables, had to wait for a long time to be seated, received bad service from the wait staff or had to sit with strangers instead of friends. The move from the outdoors into the ballroom got the hotel staff in a fluster and they really made a mess of things. If we could turn back the clock, we would have done things differently but we can’t. The best thing that we can do now is to offer up our sincerest apologies and hope that somehow, you have had a great night despite the hiccups.

And now, my new husband and I are going off for a short trip to recharge. There will be lots of photos and notes to share when we get back so see you soon!

PS: If you had taken pictures during the wedding, could you kindly upload the high-res versions to Flickr and tag them “jimmyandyann”? That way, we are able to print them.

3 thoughts on “At the other side”

  1. you can make it up to us by hosting a hugeass party when you’re back 😀

    but seriously, no worries lah. everyone was just thrilled to be a part of your big day… at least i was! 🙂


  2. agree wholeheartedly with hucks! 🙂 can imagine if u were disappointed coz i went to the lawn when it was dark and it was really, really lovely. can imagine the beautiful concept with da lanterns n seabreeze, music etc. oh, darn weather!

    but! it was really a sweet, sincere, heartwarming wedding and i felt so happy to be part of it. you and jimmy have certainly come so far n i feel happy for u, as ur hubby seems to really dote on you 🙂 i loved the fun and relaxed atmosphere and your wacky bridal party who were so supportive… and minzi’s speech was absolutely zen and abstract that my hubby – who topped lit before too – was seriously left astounded… haha “rhythm”?!!!! told minzi that she ups me in the goofy factor man 🙂 way cool!

    and like u said, the most important thing is that you’re now married! after, like, 9 yrs?! congrats to both of you:) u really make a sweet couple…! And you looked gorgeous man 🙂 love those dimples la.

    now, enjoy ur time beo-ing mt rinjani from afar, frolicking in the deep blues of the gilis, n eat n love to ur heart’s content! Looking forwd to catching up when u’re back!!! 🙂

    (… and yea, wat the heck were u thinking when u included the photo of oily me looking my worsts in ur montage?!)


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