Friends, Wedding March

What not to believe

6 days.
5 cameras.
4 islands.
3 rings.
2 individuals.
1 honeymoon.

Yup, we are back and looking 20 shades darker than before. We had a whale of a time at Lombok and have plenty of pictures to show for it.

But. That’s not the point of this post. The following is a video that supposedly tells of how the husband and I got together. It’s conceptualised and acted out by our wacky friends, which means that 99% of the “storyline” is nonsensical. But it’s so hilarious that I just had to share the love! I remember standing there in the middle of the ballroom laughing so hard that my sides hurt and my tears flowed freely. I had been expecting embarrassing anecdotes or photo evidence, not a full-blown nutty video.

And it was supremely awesome. The evening had started off badly enough and I was really quite down in the doldrums. But it got better and better and the video was a great antidote.

So, thanks to all our friends who participated in this “Making Of” video, especially our favourite CWB. Lots of lurving, man!

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