Wedding March

ThicknThin: The morning


It’s been a week and more since we became Mister and Missus, and everything’s been so different yet so same.

We still live apart. We still work at the same [insert adjective] companies. We don’t see each other everyday. We chat on the phone every night.

But we each have a shiny new band on our ring fingers and a lifetime of memories of the wedding. Despite all the hiccups, it was all kind of funny, on hindsight.

The day had started out peacefully enough. I tumbled out of bed at 6.15am, had a quarrel with a misbehaving water heater before emerging for breakfast. My dearest matriarch had whipped up an army of sandwiches and a cuppa tea. Yums. But before I had time to even take a bite, Lawrence, the make-up artist arrived!

The morning passed by in a whirl. Shortly after, Ead arrived and started shooting. Then the girls and one boy arrived and went on to prepare for the Big Showdown. Some of the relatives poured in and said hi. All the while, I was sitting in the chair, not knowing how I looked, and completely trusting Lawrence. At eight, the boys plus one girl texted to say that they were on the way to my place. At 8.20am, the sound of horns tooting noisily signalled their arrival. So far, so good.

Except that my hair wasn’t done yet, my uncle and aunt had not arrived with the nephew to open the dude’s car door, I can’t be veiled because my uncle and aunt had not arrived! We panicked a little, waited a bit, Ead went down to shoot the boys plus one girl, I bit my perfectly manicured nails in despair and Lawrence promptly finished up with the knot in my hair.

“Something is wrong,” I said to Trev. Hmm. I thought for a bit before realising, oh my, I had forgotten to wear my earrings and the pearl necklaces! Giving a yell of disbelief, I commanded Trev to fetch them from my dressing table and stabbed the earrings through my protesting lobes, before he was called down to be the “door opener” instead. My mum hustled up another set of uncle and aunt to do the deed and I was finally, properly veiled and waiting for my husband.

Except, it was kind of boring just sitting there while the fun went on outside. I could hear the banging of pots and pans and then the strains of a badly mangled “Joy to the World” reached my ears. Then I heard peals of laughter and my cousin dashed in to tell me that the fashion show was happening and it was all very mad. Before I knew it, I heard a familiar voice shouting from behind the closed door, “Dearie! I’m here!”

“Come in!”

The door opened and he burst in, looking mightily cute. We stared at each other for a bit, grinning widely, and then,

“I think you are supposed to lift up my veil and kiss me.”

As you can see, we are obviously not very well-versed in this wedding business. Oh well, no time for that, we did the deed and were on our way to his place for the tea ceremony in his brother’s stylish little Daihatsu Copen…

More photos from Popartgirl here.

8 thoughts on “ThicknThin: The morning”

  1. hee. Waiting for bus at capitol and reading ur entry made me chuckle! Yes I opened the door n felt guilty for depriving ur nephew of his open-door Ang pow. Videos of the happenings out there while u waited shall be up soon!


  2. i remember how hilarious it was that Trev went down to open the door!!!! your sis was yelling to your mum that there was no time and could Trev just go and open door instead, then your mother was like asking how old Trev was, and we were sniggering away like mad….


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