Little Miss Shopaholic

Me! In a book!

I interrupt the wedding recap with this piece of exciting news: I am in a book!

Well not literally, of course. A picture of myself, which I had posted in my flickrstream, had been picked up for this publication:


It’s called What I Wore Today: Fashion Remixed Online from Beijing to Berlin and is published by Graffito Books.

Admittedly, it’s not me looking at my best but well, at least I look quirky. Better to be interesting-ugly than bland, no? Whee. Anyhow, anyone who is keen to buy the book, let me know. It appears that I can get a nice discount for it.

I feel a bit buggered that I haven’t been able to post much pictures of my wardrobe remixing but with the wedding taking up all my time, snapping pictures of my outfits became a secondary concern. But yes, once the east end is up and running (and I can finally rely on the husband instead of darting to and fro the tripod), there will be more fashion pictures coming right up!

Did I mention that I am pretty stoked about it?

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