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Singtel Singapore GP

7.57pm: I am sitting in front of the telly, a laptop on my…well, lap, and an inquisitive mother near me. I could be at the floating platform with the husband now, why oh why did I not buy the tickets with him? Darn.

8.00pm: And they are off!

8.01pm: Oh, the husband just texted, warm-up time. Oops. He knows me so well. Mum and I were just getting really excited.

8.04pm: Go Massa! Go Alonso!

8.06pm: Alonso has moved up three places. Wow!

8.12pm: “The Trulli train” is truly hilarious, the commentators are rather witty (thank heavens it’s not Tay Ping Hui).

8.15pm: Advertising break?!

8.19pm: Mum keeps exclaiming Ah! Ah! everytime a car takes a sharp turn or goes too near the car in front.

8.21pm: It’s so easy to forget that Hamilton is only 23 and that this is only his second F1 outing.

8.29pm: Piquet has crashed! I quite like the safety car, it’s sleek and speedy. Oh buggeration, advertising break again?

8.35pm: The crash apparently happened across from where the husband is sitting. He is understandably stoked.

8.37pm: Massa has pulled off the fuel hose with him at the pit! It’s stuck to the car and three men can’t pull it off. Looks like it’s a Ferrari mistake.

8.45pm: Alonso is actually leading, due to the deployment of the safety car, multiple pit stops and the Ferrari pit stop chaos. Wow.

9.06pm: Poor Massa. His race is ruined through no fault of his.

9.10pm: Kovalainen pits in under 10 seconds. The speed and efficiency is sort of sexy.

9.14pm: Hamilton is stuck behind Coulthard. I’m feeling secretly gleeful.

9.15pm: The commentator just mentioned that the drivers lose up to 4kg of body weight in fluids due to the high temperature (29 degrees Celsius) and humidity (73 percent).

9.20pm: It’s bizarre to see Alonso’s car zoom by while a SBS double decker cruises leisurely on a bridge above it.

9.23pm: Darn. Good control from Hamilton sees him overtaking Coulthard.

9.36pm: The race is Alonso’s to lose. And Raikkonen has clawed his way back to third, only to pit and fall back down to fifth.

9.40pm: Safety car is out again! Force India has crashed.

9.44pm: Nine laps to go. Safety car is in this lap. I hate advertising breaks.

9.54pm: Raikkonen has crashed! This means that Ferrari does not get a point. It’s not the Scuderia’s day. Or night.

9.58pm: Two laps to go. This track is really Alonso’s, judging by how he had owned it during the practice rounds and now.

10.00pm: Alonso takes the chequered flag! It’s his first since the Australian GP last year, first of the season. And Alonso’s taking a victory lap now, with his fist pumped up in front of him. Well done!

I am so going to the race next year.

3 thoughts on “Singtel Singapore GP”

  1. Next time go to to open the LiveTiming window lar… stupid commercials.

    Then again… Cheers Alonso! Too cute… 😛 kekekekekeke


  2. I am so going next yr too, hopefully with my own tickets.I was there on Fri and Sat on free tics. The atmosphere at the Marina Bay is electrifying. But my boss took the Sun tickets! I was at home in the red Ferrari tee and watching in dismay when Massa pulled out the damn fuel hose. Irrelevant pt,Raikkonen is quite cute.


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