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Thicknthin: 700 plus

No, this is not a new variant of the isotonic drink.
It’s the number of pictures we sat through after our photographer handed us a DVD of our wedding pictures.

I’m just, well, speechless.

(Which means I am really thrilled by all the pictures! I’ve never looked so gorgeous in my life and oh, how happily married we look. Photography is easily one of the best things we had spent on for the wedding and we had lots of fun looking through the photos and identifying what we were saying and doing at that moment the picture was taken. Kids, to relieve the beautiful moments of your wedding, don’t rely on your fuzzy memories and go for an ace photographer. You won’t regret it!)

(Click for bigger image)

(Yah. I’m one of those girls who can’t laugh girlishly and delicately. I guffaw loudly with my mouth wide open.)

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