Little Miss Shopaholic

Hello, Miss Edna Mode

So yes, I have done the post-wedding chop.

It’s just hair, really. It will grow back eventually and if I do miss my hair (a question that everyone has been asking, alongside “how’s married life?”), I can always go back to the olden days of dry ends and poufy mane. Besides, I don’t associate femininity with long hair and I am lucky to be married to an evolved individual who doesn’t really care what I do with my hair.

I suppose I do look like Edna Mode but hey, I am not complaining. Short hair offers me a lot of freedom – quicker and more thorough shampoos! No more dry ends! – and I think I am not going back to being a Rapunzel anytime soon.

So yes, you can say that I am loving my days as a short-haired, quirky creature. Next up, an Agyness Deyn pixie cut, perhaps?

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